Sometimes the vision is as far as it goes.

Ok, I don’t plan things very well. I admit I’m quite unorganised. So this morning when I had a vision of shooting a beautiful looking cake in the woods, I had to make it happen… today! because I also get very excited and I need to do things NOW! Anyway, back to the unorganisbleness, (can I get away with that?) baking requires ingredients, obviously something I didn’t have, so first step, send husband to the shop. The plan was a very simple ‘lemon and poppy seed cake with a blackberry buttercream’. Easy peasy, right?

The cake didn’t seem to rise as well as I had hoped, that’s k, it’ll do. Then the flippin’ buttercream split, I tried to save it by shoving it in the fridge, didn’t look too bad. Let’s just get to the woods and get taking the pictures. I found the spot, and it just didn’t do it, it wasn’t what I saw in my head. I cut the cake and we had a piece and I’m not going to tell any fibs, it tasted like s*t. So there was literally nothing good about this cake.

We were packing away and my husband says ‘I dare you to kick it’ ‘just throw it up in the air and boot it’ ‘go on, I dare you to’. He knows I would never do that, I am the sensible one. He must have said it about five more times and I ended up just launching it at him, much to the amusement of the children. Fortunately for him, he quickly moved and it only managed to get him on the arms, not face as aimed for. 🙂 He definitely didn’t expect it though. It may have been a bad cake but it gave us all a good laugh. And the shots don’t look too bad actually. So forget my story and just pretend it tastes delicious.




Take care




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